What are we doing to keep you safe during COVID-19?

Home deliveries

Thanks to COVID-19, we have had to roll out our residential deliveries sooner than we anticipated.

  • What has changed? 
    • We need more staff! Being that this is our first time rolling out this service, we don't want to just send items in the mail and hope for the best. We still want stellar customer service and human employees. We have to make these adjustments and train new staff/volunteers so we ask you to be patient as we adapt to ever-changing times.
    • This is also the first time we are using Square online and taking orders through our website. Although it is a convenient service, it does not have all the functions needed to make sure we get all the needed information from you. Therefore, you may be receiving a phone call from one our our customer service representatives to both verify and gather more information.
    • Staff will be using gloves and face masks during harvesting, packaging and delivery of orders
  • What do we need from you? We need you to be clear on what you want. We offer add-ons to all orders and some may not be listed at the time of your order but if you submit a comment or send us an email we can be sure to personalize your experience. Patience: please please be patient with us as we roll out the kinks of this service. 
  • EBT/SNAP/WIC FRESH customers: We applied to accept EBT/SNAP on April 4th, 2020 and were denied because we didn't have the necessary categories. However, we know that as a farmer's market we can apply to accept EBT/SNAP with only fruits & vegetables so we will solicit some help and get back to you! Once we become authorized retailers, no EBT/SNAP vouchers can be accepted online or over the phone and we will have to accept that form of payment in person via our mobile card swipe. We are authorized to accept WIC Project Fresh coupons between June and October of the year. The WIC checks must be signed in front of the farmer to be validated.

Farmers Markets (June to October 2020)
We will be taking the following precautions to conduct our markets as safe as possible and will continue to update this page as updates change about novel COVID-19. 

  • Limited in-person inventory
  • Pre-ordered groceries at each location 
  • Limiting occupancy (even in outdoor spaces) to 25% of total occupancy 
  • Continue to review guidelines for farmers markets on mifma.org
  • Focusing on: food deliveries and farmers markets
  • Adding more hand-washing stations to farms and are assisting farming partners with hand-washing station supplies and installations
  • Using gloves and face masks at markets
  • We will have additional space in between customers and vendors
  • We will have no touch displays and prepackaged food bags of local produce
    • ​You will be able to select from three different options (all will be on display and will have different price points.)