Produce Selection Standards

Sourcing Standards

We believe good food should be grown and sourced responsibly. We consider the people we serve, the planet we inhabit, and the cost of goods when sourcing. That’s why we curate our offerings directly from the farm as much as possible, which provides you with the highest quality product. Because we prioritize local growers, your food will often go from harvest to plate in as little as 48 hours! During the colder months when local variety is lacking, we’ll supplement our selection with carefully chosen items from farther small-growers with sustainable or organic practices and wholesale organic producers. In all cases, we tell you where your food is coming from, so you’ll always know exactly what you’re eating and who grew it!

We support farmers who emphasize the well-being of their land and their crops. Our growers use non-GMO seed varieties, and we source only from farms that use no spray growing practices. Our farmers focus on using organic methods although they might not have an expensive certification to prove it. The proof is in the produce. Through these standards, we’re working to create a closed loop food system that minimizes external inputs (like synthetic fertilizers) and unnecessary waste.

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