We support the Justice for Black Farmer's Act of 2020

by Deeply-Rooted Produce Admin

The Justice for Black Farmers Act

As a part of the National Black Food & Justice Alliance we stand with our comrades to support the Justice for Black Farmer's Act of 2020. 

TAKE ACTION {paraphrased from Former Georgian Representative Stacy Abrams}: 

  • Don’t assume people don’t care, assume they don’t know

  • Contact your congress person to support the Act

  • Get to know your state legislatures

  • Don't lecture people when sharing the information, just spread the information.

  • Focus on what you need not where legislatures are from (don't think that they won't understand your issues)

  • Pay attention to districting…The census determines this…Visit faircount.org

  • If you are a farmer, complete the Farm Census. It is different than the city (closed mouth doesn’t get fed…)

    • speak up: one person has a story, many stories create movement
    • show up: don’t wait to be invited and you need a witness & you need a ride
    • stand up