Sharing is Caring: Detroit PECC (4/27/2020)

by Deeply-Rooted Produce Admin


"BLACK PECC is a BLACK family based concept that uses education, and (our story) to reconnect black people to our culture so that we can begin to control the culture, politics, and economics of our community. So our children can learn from our examples of group control.


  • Developing a real sense of WE.
  • No leader concept - We don’t believe in leaders as it is commonly applied to black people. It is only applied to Black people; you can't be named a leader from any other group because there are none. So when we subscribe to the concept of a leader suggested to us by those who wish to control us, they only have to control the leader.
  • We believe in no conflicts between groups going to the same place. (Explain) (If we are all pursuing the same goal, via different avenues and traveling at different speeds there should be no conflict if we are all headed to the same destination).
  • We believe an EXTREME problem requires an EXTREME SOLUTION.
  • We know we are in a war that is waged against us on many fronts.
  • We have a positive energy only theme.
  • We're unapologetic, we won't apologize for telling the truth.
  • We believe in the necessity of corrective history.
  • We don't believe in political correctness, just correctness.
  • We believe in validating knowledge gain by acting out and following-up on teachings.
  • We know we have to stop the "economic bleeding" and start circulating our income into wealth.
  • To facilitate the instruction, reference, and guidance to educational resources that focus on reconnecting black people to their culture.
  • To develop a comprehensive plan and function of integrating like-minded people to create a network of resources and power.
  • To combine education, and business planning toward the eventual purpose of supporting any existing aspiring entrepreneur, as well as  helping them get started.
  • Hotep brothers and sisters. We are grateful for your presence and your interest in the village.
 People we are here today to launch the start of something great.
  • We have been conquered. That’s right we have had our asses handed to us.
  • We haven't built, and established an economic, educational, and social foundation for our children.
  • We haven't reconnected them with their past and hence their knowledge of self.
  • We haven't made our women confident in our ability to overcome our common obstacles.
  • We haven't been true to ourselves.
  • We have this go along, to get along attitude, an illusion of inclusion, that savior behavior.
  • Nobody is going to save us but us.
The first step to correcting anything is to first identify, and admit it exists, or happened.
  • Black People, we are in a war and we have been in a war.
  • We have been programmed.
  • We have been punked.
  • We have dropped the ball.
  • We have been MIA.
  • We have lost our way.

Wars are fought on many fronts; physical confrontation is usually the last resort.
The main battlefield for war is in the mind, and spirit.

Spiritually, if I can get you to trade your GOD for my GOD, then the war is pretty much over. Mentally, if I can get you to trade your way of thinking for my way of thinking (in which case you will be out of your mind, because I'm in it.) the war is pretty much over too. When 98% of the businesses in your community are controlled by others you are in an economic war. When 70% of your women walk around with Euro-hair, and 80% of your young men want to sag and show their ass, you are in a mental war. When other ethnic groups are serving you your ethnic food you are in a cultural war. When your groups' money constantly enhances the lifestyles of another groups' community, you are in a socio-economic war. When we don't get an invitation, we think we are not in a war. You can be in a war and not be invited."

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