• We support the Justice for Black Farmer's Act of 2020

    by Deeply-Rooted Produce Admin We support the Justice for Black Farmer's Act of 2020
    The Justice for Black Farmers Act As a part of the National Black Food & Justice Alliance we stand with our comrades to support the Justice for...
  • Latest Updates as of June 17th, 2020

    by Deeply-Rooted Produce Admin Latest Updates as of June 17th, 2020

    "If I ruled the world...I'd free all my sons..."

    Today is June 17th, 2020, and tomorrow is week three of deliveries of our CSA service and produce box services. Things have been going great and I appreciate everyone who has placed an other and/or shared the love about our services. Each week I send an email to let you know what will be in the boxes the next day. If you didn't place an order yet, here is what you are missing:

  • 2020 Updates: "Take your time" (4/10/2020)

    by Deeply-Rooted Produce Admin 2020 Updates: "Take your time" (4/10/2020)
    Hard times, got you down? "This too shall pass" may be a popular quote you have been hearing lately but it is true and you will come out stronger t...
  • Sharing is Caring: Detroit PECC (4/27/2020)

    by Deeply-Rooted Produce Admin

    Black PECC: Black People Economic & Cultural Control is an organization I ran into "on accident". I saw a flier on my friend's refrigerator for this radical list of principles and values that I totally agreed with and thought were necessary for Black people to be a more governing body in their own lives. I then attended the meeting and soon learned that it was a called for black men to come together to "get their ish together". Nonetheless my Universal brother Carl warmly invited me and welcomed my observance of the meeting. He informally elected me as Queen Mother of the organization and approved my distribution of the information he shares with the group. Therefore, I will periodically be sharing some snippets of the newsletter of the organization and encourage you to reach out for more information. Enjoy! (Be advised: there are curse words used)